Contributor Agreements

The Brooklyn project requires the appropriate permission to include and redistribute any contributions as part of Brooklyn, in order to protect the project and its users.

Individual CLA

All contributors need to complete and sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement. This can be done easily online:

Note that Echosign will display a "Name" box which looks like a field and may be tempting to fill out, but you cannot. You will be prompted for your name later when you "sign" the form.

The raw text of the agreement can be downloaded here.

Additionally, if your work is done in a context where any organization may have rights to the contribution, such as if you are working for a company, someone authorized by the company must also file a Corporate Contributor License Agreement designating you by name.

Corporate CLA

An authorized representative of a company or organization which wishes to contribute to Brooklyn must file the Corporate Contributor License Agreement and update this as there are changes to the set of employees designated to make contributions. These actions can also be done online:

The raw text of the CCLA agreement can be downloaded here.