Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

General Good Ways of Working

  • If working on something which could be contributed to Brooklyn, do it in a project under the sandbox directory. This means we can accept pulls more easily (as sandbox items aren't built as part of the main build) and speed up collaboration.

  • When debugging an entity, make sure the brooklyn.SSH logger is set to DEBUG and accessible.

  • Use tests heavily! These are pretty good to run in the IDE (once you've completed IDE setup), and far quicker to spot problems than runtime, plus we get early-warning of problems introduced in the future. (In particular, groovy's laxity with compilation means it is easy to introduce silly errors which good test coverage will find much faster.)

  • If you hit inexplicable problems at runtime, try clearing you Maven and Ivy (for grails) caches, or the brooklyn-relevant parts, under ~/.m2/repository and ~/.ivy2/cache. Also note your IDE might be recompiling at the same time as a Maven command-line build, so consider turning off auto-build.

Entity Design Tips

  • Look at related entities and understand what they've done, in particular which sensors and config keys can be re-used. (Many are inherited from interfaces, where they are declared as constants, e.g. Attributes and UsesJmx.)

  • Understand the location hierarchy: software process entities typically get an SshMachineLocation, and use a *SshDriver to do what they need. This will usually have a MachineProvisioningLocation parent, e.g. a JcloudsLocation (e.g. AWS eu-west-1 with credentials) or possibly a LocalhostMachineProvisioningLocation. Clusters will take such a MachineProvisioningLocation (or a singleton list), and fabrics a list of locations. Some PaaS systems have their own location model, such as OpenShiftLocation.

Finally, don't be shy about talking with others, that's far better than spinning your wheels (or worse, having a bad experience), plus it means we can hopefully improve things for other people!

Project Maintenance

  • Adding a new project may need updates to /pom.xml modules section and usage/all dependencies

  • Adding a new example project may need updates to /pom.xml and /examples/pom.xml (and the documentation too!)