How to Contribute

The Process

If you've built something which you think others could use, or are interested in doing so -- whether a new supported entity, or a policy, or an example -- it's easy to give back to the community. Just:

  1. Tell about your work or interest

  2. Create your fork of the project on GitHub

  3. Clone it to your local machine and do your work on it

  4. Push it, and tell everyone about it

  5. Sign the relevant contributor agreement(s)

  6. Issue a pull request from your GitHub repo

The same process holds for contributing to this documentation (web site and user guide), but see the additional tips for updating documentation.

Some Words of Advice

  • Do early-stage work in the /sandbox, which means we can pulled it in to master more often -- keeping branches short-lived and making it easier to collaborate!

  • Include javadoc and tests

  • See the tips here

  • If you get blocked, hollar!