Updating the Docs

The Brooklyn docs live in the docs project in the Brooklyn codebase. It's built using standard jekyll/markdown with a few extensions.


Install the following:

Then, in the docs/ directory, run:

jekyll --pygments --server --auto --url ""



Visit http://localhost:4000/ and you should see the documentation.


In addition to the standard pygments plugin for code-highlighting, we use some custom Jekyll plugins (in the _plugins dir) to:

  • include markdown files inside other files (see, for example, the *.include.md files which contain text which is used in multiple other files)
  • parse JSON which we can loop over in our markdown docs
  • trim whitespace of ends of variables

Using JSON table-of-contents files (toc.json) is our lightweight solution to the problem of making the site structure navigable (the menus at left). If you add a page, simply add the file (with full path from project root) and a title to the toc.json in that directory, and it will get included in the menu. You can also configure a special toc to show on your page, if you wish, by setting the toc variable in the header. Most pages declare the "page" layout (_layouts/page.html) which builds a menu in the left side-bar (_includes/sidebar.html) using the JSON -- and automatically detecting which page is active.


Because GitHub don't run plugins (they run with the --safe option), the site is built off-line and uploaded to github, where the documentation is hosted.

This makes the process a little more tedious, but it does have the advantage that the documentation lives right in the Brooklyn project, easy to open alongside the code inside your IDE.

The off-line build can be done using /docs/_scripts/build.sh, including both jekyll markdown documentation and Brooklyn javadoc, with the result of this copied to the brooklyncentral/brooklyncentral.github.com github project (as per the GitHub pages documentation). brooklyn.io is CNAMEd to brooklyncentral.github.com for convenience.

The latest stable version typically lives in the root of the brooklyncentral.github.com project. Archived versions are kept under /v/* with logic in the markdown for meta/versions to link to related versions.
Additional instructions and scripts for automating the installs can be found in /docs/_scripts/.