Hello developers! These pages are aimed at people who want to get involved with reading, changing, testing and otherwise working with the bleeding edge Brooklyn code.


As these pages contain information about accessing the bleeding edge code and artifacts produced from it, you should be aware that the code and binaries you will encounter may be unstable. The Apache Software Foundation has not performed the level of validation and due diligence done on formally released artifacts. Proceed only if you understand the potential consequences of using unreleased code and are comfortable doing so.

We heartily welome contributions and new members. There’s nothing official needed to get involved; simply come say hello somewhere in the community:

Then get the code.

When you have a blueprint or an improvement you want to share, there are a few instructions to note on how to contribute.

If you’re looking to learn more about the codebase itself, have a look at Developer Guide. There are also a number of development bookmarks for the tools we use (git, jenkins, jira).