Creating YAML Blueprint

A First Blueprint

The easiest way to write a blueprint is as a YAML file. This follows the OASIS CAMP plan specification, with some extensions described below. (A YAML reference has more information, and if the YAML doesn't yet do what you want, it's easy to add new extensions using your favorite JVM language.)

The Basic Structure

Here's a very simple YAML blueprint plan, to explain the structure:

name: simple-appserver
location: localhost
- type: org.apache.brooklyn.entity.webapp.jboss.JBoss7Server
  • The name is just for the benefit of us humans.

  • The location specifies where this should be deployed. If you've set up passwordless localhost SSH access you can use localhost as above, but if not, just wait ten seconds for the next example.

  • The services block takes a list of the typed services we want to deploy. This is the meat of the blueprint plan, as you'll see below.

Finally, the clipboard in the top-right corner of the example plan box above (hover your cursor over the box) lets you easily copy-and-paste into the web-console: simply download and launch Brooklyn, open a new browser window (usually) at Click on the tile "Blueprint Composer", then on the double-arrow located on the top right of the screen (to switch to the YAML mode), paste the copied YAML into the editor and press "Deploy". There are several other ways to deploy, including curl and via the command-line, and you can configure users, HTTPS, persistence, and more, as described in the ops guide.

Web Console

More Information

Topics to explore next on the topic of YAML blueprints are:

Plenty of examples of blueprints exist in the Brooklyn codebase, so another starting point is to git clone it and search for *.yaml files therein.

Brooklyn lived as a Java framework for many years before we felt confident to make a declarative front-end, so you can do pretty much anything you want to by dropping to the JVM. For more information on Java:

You can also come talk to us, on IRC (#brooklyncentral on Freenode) or any of the usual hailing frequencies, as these documents are a work in progress.

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