Current Version: 1.0.0

The current stable version of Brooklyn is 1.0.0:

This documentation was generated 02 Mar 2020.

Version History

Apache Brooklyn has made the following releases:

  • 0.12.0: OSGI container runtime, improved catalog and bundle integration (September 2017)

  • 0.11.0: Improved cloud support, additional blueprinting features (May 2017)

  • 0.10.0: Improved blueprints and CLI, new DSL features, Karaf distribution. (December 2016)

  • 0.9.0: Adds Brooklyn CLI client, RPM package, getting started using Vagrant. First release as an Apache top-level project! (April 2016)

  • 0.8.0-incubating: Package rename to org.apache.brooklyn, and many other improvements. (September 2015)

  • 0.7.0-incubating: New policies, more clouds, improved Windows support and many other improvements. First Apache-endorsed binary release! (July 2015)

  • 0.7.0-M2-incubating: YAML, persistence, Chef, Windows, Docker. The first Apache release! (December 2014)

Note: These “Version History” links are to permanent versions in the archive, different to the “Current Version” links. To prevent accidentally referring to out-of-date information, a banner is displayed when accessing content from these. If you wish you can disable all warnings or re-enable all warnings.

Ancient Versions

The versions below were made prior to joining The Apache Software Foundation, therefore they are not endorsed by Apache and are not hosted by Apache or their mirrors. You can obtain the source code by inspecting the branches of the pre-Apache GitHub repository and binary releases by querying Maven Central for io.brooklyn:brooklyn.dist.

  • 0.7.0-M1: YAML, Chef, catalog, persistence (Apr 2014)

  • 0.6.0: use of spec objects, chef and windows support, more clouds (Nov 2013)

  • 0.5.0: includes new JS GUI and REST API, rebind/persistence support, cleaner model and naming conventions, more entities (May 2013)

  • 0.4.0: initial public GA release of Brooklyn to Maven Central, supporting wide range of entities and examples (Jan 2013)


Brooklyn follows semantic versioning with a leading 0. qualifier:


Breaking backward compatibility increments the <major> version. New additions without breaking backward compatibility ups the <minor> version. Bug fixes and misc changes bumps the <patch> version. New major and minor releases zero the less significant counters.

From time to time, the Brooklyn project will make snapshots, milestone releases, and other qualified versions available, using the following conventions:

  • Milestone versions (-M<n>) have been voted on and have been through some QA, but have not had the extensive testing as is done on a release.

  • Snapshot (-SNAPSHOT) is the bleeding edge. With good test coverage these builds are usually healthy, but they have not been through QA or voted on.

  • Nightly builds (-N<date>) represent a snapshot which has been given a permanent version number, typically for use by other projects. The same caveats as for snapshot releases apply (no QA or Apache vote).

  • Release Candidate builds (-RC<n>) are made in the run-up to a release; these should not normally be used except for deciding whether to cut a release.