This page records some of the additions planned and requested (approximately a roadmap). If you're interested in helping, scan the issues list on Github for anything related, email the list, and get started!


  • WebApp PaaS: CloudFoundry, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google AppEngine (OpenShift a good starting point)
  • Non-Java webapps: PHP, Rails, Node.js, perl
  • CDN: AWS Cloudfront, Akamai, others
  • Data: lots!, including MySQL, Mongo, Couch, etc (look at building on Whirr support, like Hadoop does!)
  • More monitoring and provisioning: Nagios, Zenoss, Cacti etc; Juju for deployment; possibly direct Puppet or Chef integration (although Whirr integration is quite powerful)


  • REST API for deploying, viewing, and managing, including application definitions in JSON/XML (and support for dependent configuration)
  • Distributed management plane
  • At-Rest serialization of state (likely piggy-backing on JSON/XML and datagrid support)
  • Bind to existing entities on restart
  • Extract data from entities that are being stopped, to restore on restart (could extend MySQL example to do this)
  • Windows: support running from windows (untested); work on installation to Windows servers