Google Summer of Code

Current Status

Applications for 2018 are now closed and The ASF are reviewing the submitted proposals. Applicants will hear through the official channels if their application has been successful. Applicants should not contact Brooklyn directly as we are unable to discuss applications during this phase. We are unable to accept late applications.

Potential students

Thank you for considering Apache Brooklyn and The Apache Software Foundation for your GSoC project. Welcome to our community!

Firstly, if you have not already done so, please read the Student Guide to Google Summer of Code. It contains essential information about how to approach your project before and after your application is submitted. Also, please read the GSoC information provided by The Apache Software Foundation.

Secondly, Apache values community, and the community and all its work is done in the open, on public mailing lists and IRC channels. Please subscribe to our mailing lists and optionally join our IRC channel. You can also read our list archives to see what we’ve discussed in the past. Observe how we do things, and then please jump in and introduce yourself and your ideas for our project. The “Making First Contact” page of the GSoC Student Guide will guide you here.

We, the Apache Brooklyn community, would be interested in hearing your ideas for what and how you would like to do with your GSoC project for Brooklyn. Whilst we have given some ideas for what we would like our GSoC projects to be about, we have deliberately left the how up to you. Please use the mailing list to ask questions, make suggestions, and “sound out” potential solutions that meet the requirements. Such discussions will be valuable to you when you come to make your formal project proposal.

We recommend against emailing project individuals directly - Apache prefers to communicate in the open as much as possible, therefore you should direct your emails to the public mailing list. If you have any questions which you would prefer to ask privately, please email the project’s private address at