Paths breakdown

Based on the installation method you choose, the paths to the installed components of Apache Brooklyn will be different. The following table will help you to easily locate these:

Installation method Brooklyn Home Brooklyn Logs Brooklyn Configuration Brooklyn Persisted state
RPM Package /opt/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>) /var/log/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>/data/log) /etc/booklyn /var/lib/booklyn
DEB Package /opt/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>) /var/log/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>/data/log) /etc/booklyn /var/lib/booklyn
Vagrant /opt/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>) /var/log/booklyn (symlink to /opt/booklyn-<version>/data/log) /etc/booklyn /var/lib/booklyn
Tarball Zip Package /path/of/untar/archive /path/of/untar/archive/data/log /path/of/untar/archive/etc ~/.brooklyn/brooklyn-persisted-state

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