Detailed Support Report

If you wish to send a detailed report, then depending on the nature of the problem, consider collecting the following information.

See Brooklyn Slow or Unresponse docs for details of these commands.


uname -a > ${REPORT_DIR}/uname.txt
df -h > ${REPORT_DIR}/df.txt
cat /proc/cpuinfo > ${REPORT_DIR}/cpuinfo.txt
cat /proc/meminfo > ${REPORT_DIR}/meminfo.txt
ulimit -a > ${REPORT_DIR}/ulimit.txt
cat /proc/${BROOKLYN_PID}/limits >> ${REPORT_DIR}/ulimit.txt
top -n 1 -b > ${REPORT_DIR}/top.txt
lsof -p ${BROOKLYN_PID} > ${REPORT_DIR}/lsof.txt
netstat -an > ${REPORT_DIR}/netstat.txt

jmap -histo:live ${BROOKLYN_PID} > ${REPORT_DIR}/jmap-histo.txt
jmap -heap ${BROOKLYN_PID} > ${REPORT_DIR}/jmap-heap.txt
for i in {1..10}; do
  jstack ${BROOKLYN_PID} > ${REPORT_DIR}/jstack.${i}.txt
  sleep 1
grep "brooklyn gc" ${DEBUG_LOG} > ${REPORT_DIR}/brooklyn-gc.txt
grep "events for subscriber" ${DEBUG_LOG} > ${REPORT_DIR}/events-for-subscriber.txt
tar czf brooklyn-report.tgz ${REPORT_DIR}

Also consider providing your log files and persisted state, though extreme care should be taken if these might contain cloud or machine credentials (especially if Externalised Configuration is not being used for credential storage).

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