Web Console Issues

Page Does Not Load in Chrome, Saying ""Waiting for available socket..."

If you find that the Web Console does not load in Chrome (giving a message "Waiting for available socket..."), there are two possible explanations.

The first reason is that another tab for the same host:port has a login dialog that is prompting
for a username and password. This will block other tabs that are also trying to connect. The solution is to login at the first tab, or to close that tab.

A second possible reason is that there are too many open connections in Chrome to that domain. There is a limit in Chrome for the number of open socket connections to a given domain. If this is exceeded, subsequent tabs that try to connect will wait for an available socket.

For more information, see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23679968/chrome-hangs-after-certain-amount-of-data-transfered-waiting-for-available-soc.

chrome://net-internals/#sockets is also a useful diagnostic tool.

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