Known issues

Unable to Provision certain types of Debian VMs

Symptom: Brooklyn fails to provision Debian VMs (e.g. in aws-ec2).

Cause: sudo is not available on path, causing Brooklyn to fail to confirm that the VM is ssh'able.

Workaround: Choose an image that does have sudo (see

Fix: is Pull #600; you may also want to run with if subsequent commands give permission errors.

Versions Affected: 0.5.0-M2

Unable to Provision Ubuntu 8 VMs

*Symptom: Brooklyn fails to provision Ubuntu 8 VMs (e.g. in aws-ec2) with the following error 'Cannot insert the iptables rule for port 22. Error: sudo: illegal option `-n''.

*Cause: Ubuntu 8 is too old; the sudo command doesn't support the -n setting.

*Workaround: Choose Ubuntu 10 or higher.

Versions Affected: 0.5.0-M2

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